Oak Furniture in Banbury

Oak Furniture Banbury: the Southam Road store of A Touch of Pine a World of Oak

Ever since we opened our first furniture store in the middle of a recession in 1989, we have prided ourselves on the way we look after our customers. This didn’t change when we opened our Banbury store during 1992, still where it is today on the Southam Road.

At first, our bestsellers were solid pine bedroom, living and dining room furniture, but then solid oak furniture made an appearance and grew in popularity until we'd become one of the most popular suppliers of oak furniture in Banbury!

As in years past you can visit our showroom if you want to check out our large selection of solid oak furniture - but that's no longer the only way for you to bring solid oak furniture into your home.

We now have a comprehensive website that shows all our oak and pine furniture collections. You can admire our furniture on Pinterest. You can talk to us on Facebook and find out about the latest special offers on Twitter. You can order furniture from our website and we will text you when our delivery van is close to your home. You can chat with us, leave reviews and ask questions all without having to leave the comfort of your couch.

Buying oak furniture in Banbury has never been so easy! Why not try it for yourself?